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Side Charging Handle Side Charging AR Side Charger AR
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Product Details

The GunFighterGear Side Charging Handle is a drop in part that converts any AR-15 rifle to a side charging AR-15.


-Operators primary hand remains on the pistol grip while charging, allowing for faster magazine changes.

-Bolt can be charged and locked back with just one hand.

-Ergonomic round knurled grip makes it MUCH easier to clear jams.

-Much more affordable than a dedicated side charging upper.

Our side charger is CNC machined from billet 7075 aluminum with a T-6 heat treat, giving it a tensile strength of 83,000psi, (structural steel tensile strength is 58,000-80,000psi)

The side charger knob is knurled for maximum control.

The side charger is mil spec hard coat anodized black, with an engraved GFG logo.

1/4 riser required for clearance with some brands of scopes and/or scope rings
This side charger is a drop in accessory for any standard mil spec rifle, but if it does not work with your set up, we will take it back no questions asked.

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