AK-47 Wraith 3.68" 7.62x39

Faux Fake Mock Silencer Suppresor Can 7.62X39 14x1 LH
Sales price: $34.99

Product Details

Unique threaded insert design, allows the mock suppressor to be positioned to drop back over the barrel or forward in front of the flash hider. Length 3.68", Outer Diameter 1.48", Inner Diameter .75", Weight 5.85oz. See our other listings for other lengths and calibers of mock suppressors.

  • The mock suppressor is CNC machined from a single bar of high strength T6 aluminum.

  • Anodized matte black design gives a tactical, special forces look, to an ordinary rifle.

  • Fits AK47/AK74 barrels with 14x1 LH thread pitch.

  • Easily slips over the end of the guns barrel and is attached by simply screwing it on or off, just like a flash hider.