Glock Wraith 6.3" .40

Long Glock 22 23 27 35 Fake Silencer Mock Suppressor Faux Can 9/16x24 .40
Sales price: $49.99

Product Details

Length 6.3", Outer Diameter 1.48", Inner Diameter .75", Weight 11oz. See our
other listings for other lengths and calibers of mock suppressors.

  • The mock suppressor is CNC machined from a single bar of high strength T6 aluminum.

  • Anodized matte black design gives a tactical, special forces look, to an ordinary pistol.

  • Fits Glock 22,23,24,27,35/XD.40/SWM&P.40/Berreta .40/Taurus 96 with 9/16x24 thread pitch.

  • Easily slips over the end of the guns barrel and is attached by simply screwing it on or off, just like a flash hider.